Four Ways Publishers Can Best Leverage Native Advertising

If you’re using native advertising to monetize your site – i.e., advertising as content or articles designed to integrate seamlessly within a website – make sure you’re utilizing the right tools and resources provided by your native partner.

When used wisely, native ads will deliver higher CPM’s than traditional banners, especially on mobile devices. In fact, a recent study showed that native ad click through rates from desktop computers were a respectable 0.15% but over 1% for native-mobile ads[1].

That being said, here are four tips to better monitor, evaluate and tweak your native advertising program for success!

#1 – Personalize & Prosper

Native ads are meant to exist seamlessly within your page, so customization is an important key to this process. With an advanced set of features, you can create widgets that are fully customizable to fit your site.

  • Page placements: below the article, in the sidebar, or in the footer.
  • Widget size: 2×3, 4×4, custom options available
  • Device type: mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Unlimited choice of colors and fonts
  • Ability to choose or exclude ad categories by vertical
  • Option to link to your own content

#2 – Test, Test, Test

The best way to increase eCPMs and payout is to place many different ad formats in front of your consumers and experiment with different configurations.

  • Test various page placements and experiment with different options such as the departure page and mobile slider which can provide a higher eCPM.
  • Test higher content ratings, e.g. PG-13 vs. PG or R vs. PG-13. Depending on your content rating, widgets can perform up to three times better.
  • Increase the number of ads placed within a particular widget to expand reach.

#3– Inspect What You Expect

Native advertising platforms typically offer performance reports for your different widgets – Use them! You should know how each traffic source performs to better optimize your content strategy and traffic acquisition efforts.

Here are some reports you could be monitoring:

  • Traffic Source Reports – Understand your metrics by source so you can optimize accordingly.
  • Revenue and CPM report – Track by device and country
  • Widget Report –See aggregate and segmented data by widget, domain, eCPM and more. Graph multiple variables at the same time and view performance by day and even hour.

#4 – Talk to the Experts

If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to rely on the experts – your account manager should assist with growing and optimizing your native ad placements and provide the following:

  • Live phone and chat support during business hours
  • Email inquiries answered within 24 hours
  • Full library of support documents


Follow these steps and watch your native advertising
deliver outstanding results.


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[1] Business Insider, 2015.